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Understanding Hail Damage to Your Roof and How Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction Can Help in Atlanta

Your roof is the first line of defense for your home, shielding it from the elements, including hailstorms. Hail damage to roofs is a common issue in many regions, and it can lead to costly repairs if not addressed promptly. In this article, we’ll discuss what to look for in terms of hail damage to your roof and how Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction, a professional roofing company, can help you restore your roof to its former glory.

Hail Damage to Roofs

Hail damage can be more subtle than other forms of weather-related damage, such as wind or water damage, but it can be equally destructive. Hailstones vary in size, with larger hailstones causing more severe damage. When hail hits your roof, it can lead to several types of damage:

  1. Bruising: Hailstones can leave noticeable dents or bruises on your roof’s shingles, especially asphalt shingles. These dents may be dark spots or soft spots in the shingle’s surface.
  2. Cracks: Hail can cause cracks in shingles, leading to vulnerabilities in your roof’s protective layer. These cracks can eventually result in leaks and water damage.
  3. Granule Loss: Hail can dislodge the protective granules on asphalt shingles. Granule loss weakens the shingle and exposes it to the elements.
  4. Shingle Splitting: Severe hail can split shingles or create holes, allowing water to seep into the underlying structure.
  5. Roof Leaks: Over time, hail damage can compromise the roof’s integrity, leading to leaks, which can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior.

What to Look for in Hail Damage

Inspecting your roof for hail damage after a storm is essential. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Check for Dents: Examine your shingles for dents or bruises. Run your hand over the shingle to feel for irregularities.
  2. Look for Granule Loss: Check for granule loss, which often appears as dark spots on the shingles. Missing granules indicate hail damage.
  3. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts: If you find granules in your gutters or downspouts, it’s a sign of hail damage.
  4. Check for Cracks: Look for cracks or splits in the shingles, especially along the edges and corners.

How Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction Can Help

Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction is a professional roofing company with a wealth of experience in dealing with hail damage. Here’s how they can assist you:

  1. Inspection: Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction offers comprehensive roof inspections to assess the extent of hail damage. They have the expertise to identify hidden damage that may not be immediately visible.
  2. Repairs: If your roof has sustained hail damage, they can provide expert repairs, including shingle replacement, sealing cracks, and restoring your roof to its original condition.
  3. Insurance Claims Assistance: Dealing with insurance claims after hail damage can be a complex process. Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction can assist you in navigating the claims process, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your repairs.
  4. Quality Materials and Workmanship: The company uses high-quality roofing materials and employs skilled professionals to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof repairs.
  5. Preventative Measures: Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction can also recommend preventative measures to protect your roof from future hail damage, such as impact-resistant shingles and other protective coatings.

Hail damage to your roof can compromise the integrity of your home and lead to costly repairs if left unattended. By understanding what to look for in terms of hail damage and enlisting the services of a professional roofing company like Supreme Roofing and Reconstruction, you can safeguard your home and ensure your roof remains in excellent condition. Don’t wait until the next hailstorm hits—take proactive steps to protect your investment and keep your family safe.

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James and his crew are extremely knowledgeable and have always done top-notch work for my clients. Most recently, James did a quick same day roof repair for my seller so we could pass inspection/due diligence.

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We had a wonderful experience with Supreme roofing. Jake was a very professional and responsive operations lead and went out of his way to make sure our roof was water tight before an unexpected rain storm.

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James was very professional and courteous. His crew was amazing especially David. Their work was done with excellence and we are happy with their work. They installed our kitchen cabinets, sink and flooring. So many that have come over to visit are complementing and so as they say, the work shows off and no words needed to say much. Thanks James, David and your amazing team!

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